Sampson Hall is an organisation that focuses on people and how they do things within organisations. We work with business leaders at all levels. We help and challenge people to become more effective in their roles by giving clarity, understanding and confidence. We inspire organisational development through strategy, leadership and team work.

Sampson Hall have the right people, tools and techniques to turn high performing organisations into outstanding organisations. We only work with organisations and individuals who are ambitious and who desire to see real change. We see ourselves as servants of an organisation and are very honest and ethical in all that we do. We succeed by simplifying complex issues and delivering clarity within an organisation through consultation to delivery into the work place.

At Sampson Hall we have created a security awareness course that will help you and those important to you to recognise the risks and learn how to better prepare yourself should the unthinkable happen.

In today’s world, personal security for you, and those you are responsible for, needs to be at the forefront of your mind. There are a few simple but important principles that everyone should know to increase awareness of the potential daily risks we face. This course highlights those risks and is designed to change the mindset of candidates to ensure they are prepared for, and can deal with, the worst-case scenario, should they ever need to.

This course is a "must have" and will transform your thinking and understanding of counter terrorist security whilst you undertake everyday activities.