Personal Security Awareness course by Olive Learning:

Personal Security depends on awareness, protective mindset, being prepared and responding. The Sampson Hall - Personal Security Awareness course helps:
  • Limiting your exposure
  • Preparing yourself and dealing with worst case scenario
  • Installing and maintaining key defences
  • Detecting and limiting potential threats
  • Guiding your response to existing incidents
  • Being caught out
Ben Herbert, Bishop Fleming

"I was particularly impressed with how the programme was put together to give the maximum benefit to all the participators and their organisation. It was not just another generic course but one tailored specifically with the interests of the participators in mind."

Mike Johnson, Castrol

"Sampson Hall deliver a training experience that is knowledgeable, relaxed, and supportive. They have an honest and authentic way of presenting information, which makes you feel at ease during the training programmes and makes learning easy."

Steve Thompson, EOS Ltd

"The programme presented practical tools for taking back and adapting and developing in our normal working days. Sampson Hall’s training sessions were not only interesting and easy to understand they had immediate effect on the participants who were taking them. A definite benefit to the Company!"

Lewis Trevellyan, Cushman and Wakefield

"Thought provoking training sessions run by an organisation who are experts in their field. Very engaging and packed with references to personal experiences and real life scenarios."

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Trusted Certification

Sampson Hall's online Security Awareness course is SCORM compliant and is certified by Olive Learning. On successfully completing the course, the certificate is automatically generated and emailed straight to you.


Engaging Oline Video Course

All of our courses are delivered using presenters and motion graphics that are easier to understand and far more engaging. Our security awareness course requires little reading, it’s a short video course that will help you understand the risks in a more realistic manner.


Expert Teaching Content

The security awareness course has been created by Phil Sampson, founder of Sampson Hall. Phil spent 30 years in the Royal Marines and has spent time advising both the UK and US governments on counter-terrorism protocols whilst working with the Security Services.


Learning on the go

Take the course from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Use your laptop browser or choose from one of our free apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can switch devices without ever losing your place.


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We provide training to more than 200,000+ employees across the UK and Ireland. Some of the largest companies such as Tesco, BAM, Mercury, Sony and Pepsico are using our courses today.


Training for individuals or businesses

We cater for individuals that want to get certified, for medium sized businesses or for large organisations through a choice of cost-effective packages.


Support: +353 1 4111 011

If you or any of your staff are having any difficulties with the course we have a support line available to chat 24/7. Our team will handle your queries quickly if you’ve lost your password or if you are stuck. Feel free to give us a shout at +353 1 4111 011


Certificate on the go

Your certificate is automatically generated and emailed straight to you.


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Purchase your licence and you’ll receive your log-in details within seconds.


Video Presentation

Interactive and dynamic video presentation from a professional presenter to help clarify terms and concepts.


Discounts available

We have significant discounts available if you’re purchasing multiple licences.